The hottest model #fitspo moments of 2015

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They're tanned, toned and ALWAYS working out

Was fitspo a word in 2014? We can't remember that far back. Regardless, 2015 was the year it became a household hashtag, with everyone following at least one (or 50... or 100...) #fitspo stars, be it a toned and tanned yogi of Bianca Cheah proportions, a svelte bikini babe à la Laura Enever or a clean-eating, hard-training model like Shanina Shaik, Bridget Malcolm or Hannah Saul. We could go on.

The best #Fitspo stars have more than outrageously large social media followings in common: they're toned and tanned in a way that filters and FaceTune just can't fake, and they seem to share that elusive quality us mere mortals struggle to maintain: motivation. Always snapped (or snapping themselves) at the gym, park or beach, working out is their raison d'être, and why wouldn't it be? They look damn fine doing it.

The hottest model #fitspo moments of 2015 (фото 1)

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