The 7 undeniable rules of long-term fat loss

ie how to keep the weight off

Text: Yeong Sassall

How to navigate the confusing world of weight loss, according to personal trainer James Anderson 

On the face of it, fat loss seems like a tricky process. Do you cut out carbs, or fat? Is high-intensity or low-intensity cardio better? And are you supposed to eat every two hours to stoke your metabolism, or fast the whole morning and afternoon to promote fat burning?

Thankfully, all of this is largely minutia, and losing fat and getting lean is a pretty simple process. There are plenty of ways you can drop fat fast, all of which revolve around either eating fewer calories or doing more exercise to create a big calorie deficit.

The trouble is, few people have a concrete plan, and decide to throw everything in the fat loss fire all at once. They combine low carbs with low-fat, cardio with weights with metabolic conditioning, start taking all manner of supplements, and essentially become like zombies in The Walking Dead - all in a flustered, yet frail attempt to lose a few pounds.

All these work for short-term fat loss, but these extreme tactics bite you in the butt as you simply can't stick to such rigid regimes, and you rebound hard. Don't want that? Well then, click through the gallery above.


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