The 5-minute turbo workouts you can do anywhere

Text: Lucie Clark

IMG model trainer Ricardo Riskalla shares the 4 workouts you can do anywhere, anytime that give visible results

Working with countless models over the years has made me realise just how jam-packed their schedules are. Whether they're strutting the catwalk, jetting from A to B or hitting the casting circuit, they have extremely limited time to work out, but their job requires a toned, runway-ready body at all times.

Sometimes they have only a slim five-minute window to exercise, and while five minutes will not replace a full workout, it's still enough time to make a difference. With this in mind, I've developed the following simple, effective exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime, think: at the airport lounge, waiting in line, at home between binge watch sessions, basically anywhere...

The only rule here is to keep it simple and feel the burn! 

The 5-minute turbo workouts you can do anywhere (фото 1)


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