The 4 best exercises to transform your butt

The 4 best exercises to transform your butt

Golden glutes

Text: Yeong Sassall

Sydney-based PT Ben Lucas shares his five favourite butt-toning exercises for summer

1. One-legged TRX squat|
I love this exercise because not only does it encourage you to engage your core and your stabilising muscles, but because you are only working one leg at a time, it also forces you to work on any imbalances that you may have between the right and left sides of your body. It also really burns so you know that it is doing you some good.

Cues: Holding onto the TRX, Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Now raise one leg and holding onto the TRX slowly push your butt backwards into a squat, balancing on the standing leg. Hold at the bottom of the squat for a moment and then push yourself back up.

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2. Split squat
This is another great exercise for your glutes and your balance. 

Cues: Place one foot a few feet behind you on a bench or raised platform. Keeping an upright torso, begin by pushing your hips back, Allow your back leg to bend at the knee. Descend until you reach the bottom position, which can be when your front leg reaches parallel, or when your back knee touches the ground. Exhale and push through your front foot, pushing your body straight back up  and return to start position three sets of 12 reps each leg. 2 sec each way, 60 sec rest in between sets.

3. Hip thrust
Your feet should be directly under your knees, so when you fully extend into the lift, your knees make a 90-degree angle with the ground. Your neck should always remain neutral. Place your hands on top of your hips. Squeeze your glutes as you push your hips to the sky. The end point of the movement is where your hips and knees are in a line. Inhale as you lower your hips back to start position. Four sets of 20 reps. One second each way, 60 sec rest in between sets.

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4. Stiff leg deadlift
Bend over and grasp the bar at about shoulder width with an overhand grip. Keep your knees locked but slightly bent while doing this exercise and keep a tight arch in your lower back. Look directly forward while you are coming up and going back down. This will help you to keep an arch in your lower back. Squeeze the bar off the ground slowly and deliberately, coming up only until your upper body is slightly above parallel Come down slowly, being absolutely sure to keep the arch in your lower back. As you near the bottom, stick your butt out. Hold that stretch for a moment then reverse the direction without bouncing.

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