The 30 greatest fitness tips you'll ever read

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Sure, ftness tips and health secrets are a dime a dozen these days, but we've pulled together the ultimate in diet and exercise advice

Inside every different shaped and sized body is a fiercely fit Victoria's Secret model just waiting to be tapped, once the right training and diet combo is in place of course, right? Well, okay, genetics does play a role but with a kick-ass fitness regime and a few insider health eating hacks, lean legs, abs you can actually see, and a svelte set of arms is totally possible.

How to realise this #fitspo dream? We consulted the experts, super star trainer Libby Babet, founder of Buf Girl, a female-based online/offline lifestyle and fitness program, and dietitian/nutritionist Kate Guthrie, who has 12 years of health advice under her slimline belt - and came up with the ultimate top 30 fit list to elevate your body to Candice Swanepoel levels of amazingness. Scroll through for the how-to.

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