The 3 exercises that make you look taller

The 3 exercises that make you look taller

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Text: Anna McClelland

Always wanted to be taller? There are convincing ways to fake it, says Ricardo Riskalla

A lot of people out there would love to be just that little bit taller - I'll admit it, myself included. There's no surgical solution (yet), but what if I told you there are some exercise tricks that give the illusion of a few extra centimetres of height? And no - I'm not talking about a pair of heels.

These are training techniques I've been using on my male and female celebrity clients for years, especially in the lead-up to fashion shows. Don't expect results overnight, but once you get there, they're great. Plus, the exercises are easy and anyone can do them. The number one rule for a harmonious body is to never overdo anything. Proper training shows when you look at someone and you can't pinpoint why, but they just look amazing. Read on for my body-elongating tricks.

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Trick 1
Reduce the size of your inner thighs. The bigger the inner thighs, the shorter you look from a distance. The key here is to not use weights, but your own body weight instead. And never, ever squat. I know there's a huge movement out there around squatting but that's not the way to reduce the size of your inner thighs. Instead, walking long distances is a great one: start with one hour and build up from there.  I suggest you avoid steps and hills. Another great exercise is to do star jumps for five minutes.

Trick 2
Don't over-exercise your biceps. The bigger the biceps, the shorter you'll look. Guys are the biggest offenders here, but a few girls also. The solution is to exercise your arms without doing too many bicep curls. A plank with your arms extended is a great alternative. Start by holding for one minute and try to add 20 seconds every week.

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Trick 3
I would say this is my most important tip: don't over-exercise your trapezius muscle. You see a lot of guys that have made this mistake, and the result? No neck. Not a good look. Avoid exercises like shrugging and upright rowing and instead try exercises that create a harmonious body, such as push ups, chin ups and dance movements. Start with 10 push ups a day and build yourself up to 100 a day. Push ups are the cheapest and easiest exercises to do. Okay - maybe they're not the easiest the first time around, but the results are worth it.


The 3 exercises that make you look taller (фото 2)

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