Superfood trends that you’ll see everywhere this year

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Nutritionist, Ashley James shares the health food trends that are going to dominate 2018

We hate to break it to you, but when it comes to the superfoods that will be filling your belly with all things good this year, kale is not going anywhere. It's the super-iest of superfoods; nutrient dense, filled with antioxidants and oh so versatile! Yes, there are definitely some familiar superfoods that you should still be adding to your diet, but there are also some very unexpected additions (ahem, hemp!?). Sumo Salad's in-house nutritionist, Ashley James shares her picks for the foods you should be eating this year.   

Ashley James is the in-house nutritionist for SumoSalad. Working in the UK, Middle East and Australia, Ashley has a strong interest in women's health, combining nutritional therapy and emotional freedom approaches to help her clients achieve optimal health and well-being - body, mind, spirit.

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