The 5 summer detox secrets supermodels swear by

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Already starting to feel like you've overdone it this festive season? IMG Models' PT Ricardo Riskalla has a plan

One of the questions I'm always asked at this time of the year is how to detox for summer - and I know what my clients are really asking is, how do I make sure I look good all summer? So I decided to create these five easy steps to guide you through the most important parts of a good detox.

Trust me: they could change your life. Keep it simple - if you adopted just one of the above, I would say choose quality and eat organically. By eating organic you'll be helping everyone around you because you won't be part of the chain that pollutes the earth's soil and oceans - so at the end of the day, these tips help everyone! Challenge yourself and start slowly - you'll be surprised by how easy this detox actually is.


The 5 summer detox secrets supermodels swear by (фото 1)

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