Step aside juice cleanse, souping is the 2017 way to wellness

Step aside juice cleanse, souping is the 2017 way to wellness

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The juice cleanse has been the detox plan of choice for the past few years, but in winter, who wants endless cold juice? Enter “souping” the new winter-friendly cleanse

Doing a juice cleanse for a day or three is a rite of passage for detoxing or just for a good old gut clean out with a slew of health benefits ranging from repairing the gut to weight loss to helping digestion. But when the temps are hovering around the zero mark drinking cold juices for days on end is about as palatable as eating a bowl of slime. It's just not going to happen. However... hiding under a doona eating junk food all winter translates to a very hard road back towards bikini country come summer time. Which is where "souping" comes in.

Staying with the liquid-only detox program - which is one of the key benefits of a juice cleanse because it's easier on the digestion and gives the stomach a break - souping is the elevated winter version of the juice cleanse. And it claims even more healthful benefits than its juicing sister - where drinking lots of juice has a few drawbacks like not getting enough fibre - soups are much richer in fibre (depending on what vegies you include) than juice, making souping the better choice for kicking that digestive system into gear.

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As for what to include in a souping detox, outsourcing the cleanse to the experts is the only way to go and Bondi-based healthy eating mecca Mr Perkins, has come up with a knockout new souping cleansing program. Aptly called the Wellness Cleanse, the program will be available for order online from next week and is a combo of delish plant-based soups, broth and smoothies, including: shitake broth, root vegetable soup, berry chai parfait, green soup, strawberry gazpacho and a green smoothie.

Mr Perkins Wellness Cleanse

Designed by a bona fide nutritionist, Jessica Rutledge from The Greenery Clinic - who also happens to be Mr Perkins in-house nutritionist - everything on the detox menu is nutritionist-approved, rich in fibre and made for a maximum health reset of the body. Depending on how much detoxing you can handle, they offer all the goods you'll need for one day, two days or three days of detox souping.

The Mr Perkins Wellness Cleanse will be available for order from next week from:

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