Our skin is an elastic organ; it stretches and contracts with the shape and movement of our body. When weight is gained, the skins surface area increases to accommodate for new fat tissue. When weight is lost (particularly when weight is lost rapidly) these fat cell shrink, however the surface area of the skin remains the same. This is where excess skin can occur in the form of 'chicken wing arms,' a distended stomach and a shapeless bum.

As with most weight loss ventures, the best way address this problem is to tailor your workout and lifestyle to prevent it happening in the first place. There are some methods that can be taken to avoid the dreaded 'sagging' of skin from weight loss.

Started your weight loss journey? Here’s how to avoid a pesky problem

1.     Diet, diet and diet

Food needs to be the foundation of weight loss and not exercise. And when we talk about food we are talking about high quality food, don't think about calories, but think in terms of quality.  I recommend 2 to 3 meals a day, and that is one of the secrets. The gap between meals allows your body to heal itself.

2.     Massage, rub and scrub

Dry skin brushing, sugar and coconut oil scrubs and lymphatic drainage or massages should be part of any weight loss routines. These practices stimulate cells and help your lymphatic system to get rid of toxins.

3.     Hydration

Drink lots of water to avoid fluid retention. We are talking about more than 3 litres a day. Skin hydration is key here.

4.     Do not do high intensity workouts

Weight loss and high intensity exercises seem to be a good idea in terms of calories burnt, BUT jumping around at rapid paces puts pressure on your joints and aids the law of gravity in pushing body tissue south, which is not what we want.

5.     Go slow

Weight loss should be done with an experienced trainer who knows how to pace the weight loss. If you keep it slow and steady, this allows the body time to adjust. When you go too fast, this is when the skin starts heading south.

6.     Be gentle

Gentle exercise is the way to go, not heavy weights. Try lighter body weight exercises; again it is all about following the body's timing and allowing it the time to adjust to change.

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Started your weight loss journey? Here’s how to avoid a pesky problem