Shhhh: 8 secret trainer tips that will actually change your body

Text: Lucie Clark

Working out hard but according to your scales, it's hardly working. Every trainer has heard this story and the good, no great, news is they're harbouring some key insider tips that'll take your body from bikini ready never to bikini ready 24/7 

You've been training pretty athletically and eating fairly clean with the odd indulgence now and then, so why isn't your body even 1 per cent Victoria's Secret model-esque? Well, there is the one-in-a-billion supermodel gene factor but there's also the essential insider tips every trainer knows that us mortals missed the memo for. Simple, sensible switch ups that will turn training from a why-bother-I-can't-see-any-significant-changes chore to an efficient, visible results-driven workout. We tapped exercise scientist and all star fitness guru Damien Kelly (he also owns Sydney's super charged, results-driven gyms to give us his top 8 secret tips that trainers know and us regular lay people don't, but should. They're total game changers.

Scroll through for Damien's eight top insider tips that'll actually change your body:

Damien Kelly is an exercise scientist and owner of the Damien Kelly Fitness studios in Sydney. He has also just launched a new workout app and fitness inspired social media platform

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