Science says this diet change is the key to long life

Science says this diet change is the key to long life

Eat less calories, live longer

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A new scientific study on the effects of restricting calories in your diet suggests it can slow ageing down and result in a longer, healthier life

Science Daily reports this is one of the "first studies to explore the effects of calorie restrictions in humans" and the results suggest that if you cut your calorie intake you'll live longer and have a healthier life.

Specifically, the study showed "...cutting caloric intake by 15 per cent for two years slowed ageing and metabolism and protected against age-related disease." The study, which has just been published in Cell Metabolism, found this was the case as restricting calories reduced "systemic oxidative stress, which has been tied to age-related neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, as well as cancer and diabetes."

Interestingly the lead author of the study, Leanne M. Redman from Pennington Biomedical Research in Baton Rouge, Louisiana told Science Daily the key is slowing the metabolism down. Which goes against historical weight management wisdom which says a fast metabolism keeps you in shape.

Redman says, "Current theories hold that a slower metabolism is most beneficial for healthy ageing."

As for how the study was undertaken, according to Science Daily, 53 healthy men and women "cut their calories by 15 per cent over two years and underwent additional measurements for metabolism and oxidative stress."

After the two years, all the subjects in the study had lost weight (although that wasn't the purpose of the study) and they reported no adverse health effects (like anemia, bone loss etc) within the group, instead they found "improvements in mood and health-related quality of life."

Obviously this is one of the first human studies on this, so more research needs to be undertaken but it certainly makes a strong case for replacing a chocolate-led diet with a healthier less-calorie filled eating plan.

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