Say what? These vegetables make you GAIN weight?!?

Say what? These vegetables make you GAIN weight?!?

Not so clean and lean

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Science says if you’re trying to shimmy back into your fave teeny tiny bikini steer clear of one specific vegetable group

Well colour us surprised, we thought every drop a dress size weight loss plan included as much and any of all the vegetables and fruits in the produce aisle. But according to a Harvard study, not all veggies are grown equal when it comes to helping shed extra KGs. And unfortunately in winter these are exactly the types of veggies our bodies are craving.

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health study followed a group of men of women over a 24-year period documenting their fruit and vegetable intake and how it related to weight change. According to the school's website, "Researchers found that while eating more fruit and vegetables overall can promote weight loss, study participants who ate more starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, corn and peas, tended to gain weight. Those who ate more non-starchy vegetables and fruit - which are higher in fibre and lower in carbohydrates - such as string beans, green leafy vegetables, apples, or pears lost weight." 

The researchers went on to say, "...compared to starchy vegetables, these non-starchy foods have lower glycemic loads, producing smaller and fewer blood sugar spikes after they are consumed, which may reduce hunger." Which actually makes a ton of sense. For years health professionals have been spruiking the benefits of foods with a low GI (glycemic index) and unless you're burning a ton of energy, loading up on carbohydrates (even if they're vegetables) is not on the slim down menu program. So if you're hopping onto the bikini-ready wagon sounds like it's going to involve a hard pass on the side of roast potatoes and mushy peas and yes please to the pear and rocket salad.

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