Rachael Finch's 15-minute hotel workout

Text: Yeong Sassall

The model and Westin wellbeing ambassador shares her ultimate on-the-go training regime

Constantly on the road, model and health coach Rachael Finch is a pro at sticking to her healthy habits while switching up cities and hotel rooms. Her motto: you can be active anywhere, anytime, which is why she's recently partnered with wellness-focused hotel brand, Westin, on a collection of in-room workout videos: the Westin Let's Rise Workout Series.

"With 65 per cent of travellers globally reporting they exercise less on the road, I want to help remind travellers you don't actually need much to be active, and it doesn't always need to include a gym workout," says Rachael. "Simply clear space in your room, and you're good to go. You can do a lot with just free body weight. Part of the Westin Let's Rise Workout Series this workout will help work up a sweat, all without needing weights."

"There are seven moves in the workout; it's designed to be short and sweet for those on even the busiest schedule. That's the beauty of HIIT workouts; even 15 strong minutes can help your wellbeing."

The Westin Let's Rise Workout Series launches into Westin's hotels in Australia and Fiji in December, 2017. Curated by Rachael Finch, it's designed to help travellers maintain their health and wellbeing while on the road. 

Rachael Finch's 15-minute hotel workout (фото 1)

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