Now there's even more reason why that dropkick guy has got to go - he's probably making you ill. A comprehensive study by scientists from the University of Bergen in Norway has found that pregnant women "dissatisfied in their relationship" are more likely to develop infectious diseases like the common cold or flu, reports The Cut.

The study assessed 67,000 pregnant women and over 100,000 children, with data gathered from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study. "Those who report that they are dissatisfied in their relationship more often report illnesses during pregnancy. Their children are also reported ill more often during their first year," says the study's author, Roger Ekeberg Henriksen. "If you compare the group of pregnant women with the lowest satisfaction to the group with highest satisfaction in their relationship, the first group's risk of becoming ill is more than twice that of the second group." Yikes.

Ekeberg and his associates put their findings down to the profound effects of stress on the body. "You have a psychological experience, but how does this become a physical illness that makes you vomit or gives you a fever of a cough?" Ekeberg questions. "This is an exciting path."

Pregnant? Your toxic relationship could be harming your health