Pilates, but not as you know it

Pilates, but not as you know it

Prepare to work

Text: Yeong Sassall

Pilates devotees, prepare yourself to take your workout to another level (and discover a few hidden muscles along the way)

The list of celebrities who credit Pilates for their ridiculous bodies is long - Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Miranda Kerr, Sofia Vergara... If we had a dollar for every time a celeb gushed about the benefits of the big P we'd, well, have a lot of dollars. However as with most things someone will always come along with a newer, better model. And this is where high performance reformer Pilates comes in.

Lagree fitness using the Megaformer machine (dubbed 'Pilates on crack') and KX Pilates are the new kids on the Pilates block. Each is a form of high performance Pilates which uses a souped up version of the reformer machines you may have seen at your local Pilates studio. Along with traditional Pilates moves, there's also a bit of cardio and strength training thrown into the mix to ensure that the workouts are not only hard, but really hard. (Well you want us to be honest, don't you?)

Each 50-minute class is fast-paced and targets the whole body with each exercise move. There's also hardly any time for rest between sets which is said to encourage more calorie burn. In fact, you'll continue to burn calories long after you've finished your class. While you can expect to be extremely sore post-workout you'll also discover long lost muscles you didn't even realise you had.