Now you can get your bone broth fix on-the-go

Now you can get your bone broth fix on-the-go

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Bone broth has become the wellbeing drink du jour for 2017 and now Be Wellbeing Broth is launching a range of ready-made options

We've talked about the return of bone broth to health star status with our resident nutrition guru Louise Cavanough checking off the reputed (but as yet scientifically unproven) good-for-you nourishing benefits like the possible usefulness in treating bone or joint disorders, potentially speeding up recovery from illness and aiding with gut health. But let's be honest, who has time to source ethically farmed, organic animal bones and then stand over a hot stove for hours cooking it down to broth? No one.

Enter Be Broth (full name Be Wellbeing Broth). It's the ready-made health answer to the bone broth slow-cooking question. Debuting in selected Woolworths supermarkets this week, Be Broth offers three home style bone broth options in super convenient single serve microwavable pouches for on-the-go health swigging. The trio of highly palatable flavours include beef infused ginger, lemongrass chicken and vegetable infused with beetroot and they can be sipped directly from the pouch or added to soups and risottos in place of stock.

Be Wellbeing Broth

Be Broth is the passion project of Melissa Morphet who suffered from a debilitating autoimmune disease in 2014 - bone broth helped get her back on the health track. Working with international chef Walter Trupp to find the ideal on-the-go bone broth recipe, Be Broth is simmered for 18 hours and is gluten-free, preservative-free, easy to digest and the perfect sub for that 3pm candy craving.

Be Broth is available in selected Woolworths stores in the chilled deli section, for more information and store listings head to

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