Here's what it takes to look like Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso

Here's what it takes to look like Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso

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If ever there was living, breathing inspiration to work out more, it's this girl, writes Anna McClelland

Not only does she make exercise look completely effortless (i.e. she's not a puffing, red-faced mess like the rest of us are after not very many burpees), she's a walking embodiment of the Nike brand - and she makes a strong case for bike shorts. Don't believe us? Check out her Instagram - if any of her 102K+ followers are reading, you'll know what we mean.

Her job takes her across the globe, but we caught up with Godso in Sydney as she prepares for the upcoming NTC Tour Sydney on March 19. Her incredible level of fitness aside, she knows her way around an LBB like a pro, styles her #activewear to perfection and has the strongest brow game we've seen since Cara Delevingne. So naturally, we were dying to know her secrets. And here they are - exactly what Godso does, day in, day out, to look this fit and fierce.

How many times a week do you exercise?
I ideally work out twice a day, with one session fully focused on my own training and the other session with other people. Every day is obviously different but I like to vary the duration of my workouts anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on what the focus is - strength, endurance, HIIT and so on.

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Can you talk us through your exercise regimen?
Strength training is the key component of my weekly schedule. I try to get in 3-4 strength training workouts that focus on conditioning and endurance. From there, I add two HIIT workouts, four Nike Training Club functional training workouts, sprints, boxing and yoga. It sounds like a lot and it is, but it's important to remember that I am on the extreme end of the scale as a lot of this is for my work.

What kind of workout do you find gives you the best results?
For me, I notice the best results from combining weight training and interval training. This style of training also makes me feel strong, fit and confident, which I value more than aesthetic benefits.

Do you have rest days?
If I'm honest I don't take them as often as I should, but I try to have one active rest day at least one in every 10 days where I will just go to yoga or play basketball. I would always advise that ideally people take a rest day once a week to give their body time to take on board all the changes they're making to it.

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What are your favourite exercises to do during your own HIIT session?
I've got a real soft spot for burpee tuck jumps, mountain climbers, plyo pushups, box jumps... Probably most people's least favourite moves!

How do you stay motivated?
I'm very goal driven! I'm always working towards achieving new goals with my training and keep them front of mind and make sure every session is contributing to getting me closer to them. I'm also fortunate to work out with a lot of amazing women within the Nike Women community. When you know you're turning up to workout with other people that always helps you find another level of energy and motivation.

What's your preferred post-workout snack?
I have a scoop of whey protein powder mixed with water! This is my go-to because it aids my muscles to recover faster.

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Do you follow a particular diet?
I really dislike the term diet. I definitely follow a certain eating style but I find the word diet restrictive, which is not what I'm about. I eat a lot of good proteins and healthy fats as this is what my body uses best for energy and recovery. As I'm always on the go it's incredibly important that I fuel my body efficiently.

Is there anything you won't eat?
I'm a coeliac but have been my whole life so that cuts out a lot of things. Otherwise I'm pretty anti-junk food and sugar, I just think it has so many negative flow-on effects for people's bodies and moods.

Can you tell us the most amazing gym you've ever been to?
Tonehouse in NYC! This is hands down the best and hardest workout I've done in my life! I am beyond obsessed. Conditioning day is my favourite there. The trainers are crazy fit but so nice and they create an amazing team environment so no matter how hard the workout gets, you keep going.

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How many times do you recommend women exercise per week?
There's no answer that applies to everyone as it's so dependent on your current fitness level, age, health and so on. But ideally, women would get out and get active at least three times a week! That could be in the form of weights, classes, yoga, running, walking, boxing... Any movement is going to be beneficial.

What advice do you have for people who say they're too busy to exercise?
The NTC+ app is my go-to for time-poor individuals! There are plenty of really amazing workouts on there that range anywhere from 5-15 minutes and will have your heart rate up in no time! The great thing is you can do them anywhere so it eliminates a lot of people's excuses.

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