New research links sugar consumption to cocaine use

New research links sugar consumption to cocaine use


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Binged on Tim Tams again? Turns out there's a scary reason you run out of self-control on the sweet stuff

This could just be the final nail in the coffin for sugar - new research conducted by the Queensland University of Technology has revealed the detrimental effect of high sugar consumption on our brains - and the study draws direct comparisons between the sweet stuff and another, less legal, white powder... cocaine. Oh, and morphine. Suddenly, our sweet tooth seems like less of a joke.

Speaking to, PhD researcher Masoor Shariff compared sugar addiction to drug abuse, as she's discovered that they change the layout of our neuron brain cells in the same way. "Basically neuron brain cells communicate with each other and other parts of the body, and if there's a change in the structure and layout it's going to change the communication," she says. "That impacts behaviour and then you can see the same dramatic change when you take sugar as you do when you take other drugs."

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That sugar rush - and crash - we get from overdoing it on the doughnuts is actually frighteningly similar to a drug high, according to neuroscientist Professor Selena Bartlett, who told that consuming both sugar and drugs like cocaine releases dopamine in our brains, which makes us feel pleasure and leads to subsequent cravings - and addiction.

If you're looking for motivation to finally get that 2016 healthy eating plan on track, this new research could be it. Read more about the effects of too much sugar here.

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