Namaste: 10 top yoga studios in Sydney

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Whether you like it hot, basic, hanging from the ceiling (truly) or set to sick beats, Sydney's got you covered with some of the best yoga studios on the chakra circuit

In the olden days yoga was in a daggy community hall, the living room of someone's incense-scented house, or outdoors anywhere with enough space for two feet and a non-slip yoga mat. But now we've all drunk the downward dog Kool-Aid and embraced yoga as an essential life habit for staying strong, limber and semi stress-free there are stunning studio spaces cropping up all over town so we can find our zen in beautiful surrounds. And luckily with the invention of multi gym access Class Pass, you can upward dog during your lunch break at a walkable from work location or practice some early morning sun salutations around the corner from your house with just one gym 'membership'.

In no particular order, we present 10 of Sydney's best yoga studios:

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