Move over turmeric, mushroom lattes are the new wellness order

Move over turmeric, mushroom lattes are the new wellness order

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Matcha tea, turmeric lattes they’re so yesterday - this year it’s all about the new superfood drink: mushroom lattes

The turmeric or 'golden' latte has been the drink du jour of the #cleaneating crew since bursting onto the wellness 'Gram-scape back in 2016, however this golden drink didn't really take as a mainstream everyday order as hoped for by turmeric farmers (we're guessing they're behind the explosion in everything turmeric), because... well, the flavour. Turmeric is a very strong flavour and colour - smiling/talking or any kind of lip opening movement isn't possible after a sip of that bright yellow drink. 

As for matcha - we know it's good for us but the taste is definitely an acquired one. But matcha and turmeric are both known for anti-inflammatory properties so what's the clean eating go-to now we're able to admit turmeric lattes and matcha tea are just too brutal on the taste buds?

Mushroom lattes. That's right the humble 'shroom is the new wellness beverage add. Don't dry retch just yet - hear us out. Mushrooms have been on the healthy eating menu and used in eastern medicine for many years due to the incredible health punch these earthy fungi pack. The different types have their own unique benefits but they're all basically chock full of vitamins (D, B1, B2, B3 etc), antioxidants, fibre, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium and the shopping list of goodness keeps going from there.

Take maitake mushrooms for example, this variety popular in Japan has been used in medicines to treat cancer, relieve the side effects of chemotherapy, to aid weight loss and for infertility according to webmb. Sounds like those mushrooms are magic after all...

As for where to get your mushroom latte, organic Sydney emporium and dispensary Orchard Street, serves an 'immuno-shroom' hot beverage containing reishi and shiitake mushroom with a choice of almond, cashew or coconut milk.

Orchard Street immuno-shroom. Image @orchardstlove

Melbourne's Matcha Mylkbar has a mushroom latte made from chaga mushrooms, vanilla essence, coconut milk and brown rice malt. Of if you want to DIY, Superfoods Australia does an Organic 6 Mushroom Extract which includes chaga, reishi, codryceps, maitake, shiitake and lions mane - add to boiling water for a coffee-style hot beverage.

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