Model Hannah Saul's failsafe hotel workout

Model Hannah Saul's failsafe hotel workout

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Does going away a lot mess with your fitness plans? It doesn't have to, says Hannah Saul

One of the most challenging things about staying on track with your fitness journey is simply trying to fit it in when you have an unpredictable schedule. With my job, I never know what time work will start, how long I'll be working for or where I'll be because my work often requires travel. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my current hotel workout, which of course can be done anywhere, anytime, because it's all body weight.

I complete 45 seconds of the following six activities, each followed by 15 seconds of rest.

1. Take your legs wider than shoulder width apart and point your feet 45 degrees to the side. This is called second position if you are familiar with ballet.
2. Put your arms out straight to the side at shoulder height (180 degrees).
3. Now slowly lower  into a deep squat: it should take you about 3-4 seconds to get to the lowest point. You can lower your arms as you go down into the squat if you like.
4. Squeeze your inner thighs, glutes and core and slowly bring yourself back up to stand again. Your arms will come up too if you're using them.
5. When standing, make sure you squeeze your glutes before lowering again.

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A dead man is similar to a burpee however instead of jumping at the end of the movement, you just go straight up into a squat. This is an excellent glute exercise.

  • 1. From standing, bend over and put your hands on the ground.
    2. Now jump your feet back and lower yourself down in a controlled motion (leading with your chest) until your chest touches the ground.
    3. Now jump your feet into a squat position and hold. Do not jump off the ground. Make sure your chest is up, shoulders back and core engaged. This is one rep.

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1. Start in plank position. Your hands should be on the floor directly under your shoulders and your core and glutes should be engaged.
2. Now tuck one leg into towards your chest while the other leg remains extended in the initial plank position. 
3. Now as quickly as possible 'climb' by alternating legs back and forth. Pay attention to your core and keep it engaged the whole time so it benefits from the movement.

1. From a standing position, jump up as high as you can and tuck your knees towards your chest.
2. Keep your core engaged and your upper body upright while doing this move.

1. Start in a plank, or kneeling position with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
2. Keep your body straight and do not break at the hips.
3. Brace your abs and lower yourself to just above the ground. Lead with your chest on the descent.
4. Now come back up, extending your arms by pushing yourself up from the floor.

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1. Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart.
2. Lunge forward by taking a large step forward and landing on your heel and forefoot. Keep your rear foot in contact with the ground, but let the heel come off the ground. You will only need to be on the ball of your foot for stability.
3. Lower your body to the point where your rear knee is almost touching the ground.
4. Now push off your front foot, engaging your core, and return to standing position.
5. Now do the same with the opposite leg and keep alternating. 

  • I really like alternating lunges as they make you use your core more for stability when you are briefly balancing on one leg before alternating. Do four sets if you can fit it in. If you don't have that much time on your hands, just do as many sets as you can.

Hannah has just launched her highly anticipated new workout app. Find it here:

Instagram: @hanxfit

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