Model Brooke Hogan’s health and fitness secrets

Model Brooke Hogan’s health and fitness secrets

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The gorgeous Aussie model and ambassador for Forever New ‘Active reveals her training tip, diet secrets and biggest weaknesses

From competing in Australia's Next Top Model (cycle 8, FYI) to amassing an incredible 631k Insta followers, model Brooke Hogan is a shining example of a fit, healthy and happy Aussie beach girl. After lending her pretty face to countless health and lifestyle brands, no wonder she's the perfect fit for Forever New's sportswear line, Active. We sat down with Brooke to disover her model health and fitness tips.

What kind of training do you do before a big bikini or fitness shoot? What do you eat?
I often have the same exercise routine regardless of bikini/fitness shoots, the only thing that would change a little bit is my eating. I do a mixture of HIIT training and Pilates every week. I love F45 so if I have a big shoot I might throw in an extra class if I can! The night before a swim/lingerie/fitness shoot I just try and eat lightly. An ideal meal would be fish and a healthy salad. I try and steal clear of carbs and anything that makes me feel heavy the night before and in the morning.

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Describe an average day on plate for you.
It changes, depending on whether or not I am shooting.  

An average day would be:

Breakfast: an omelette with avo, or egg on toast or muesli and fruit. I try and eat gluten-free bread when I can because I find it agrees with me much more than normal bread.

Lunch: Chicken or tuna salad. Sometimes a chicken wrap depending on how hungry I am.

Dinner: My go-to dinner would be some kind of meat and veggies. I love fish and chicken and also like to mix it up with red meat once a week. If I feel like it I'll have some dark choccy after dins!

What's your biggest food weakness?
One hundred percent, without a doubt chocolate. I am a chocolate lover and always have been. I could eat it for breakfast haha! (but seriously). In my opinion everything in moderation is fine and I never deprive myself of things that I love. If I feel like chocolate, I'll have some, just in moderation of course!

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Do you have any secret training tips you've picked up?
MIX IT UP. Don't do the same thing every day. Find something you actually enjoy doing. If you hate running and you set your alarm for 5am to go for a 5k run, you'll most likely snooze and not want to get up. Do things that you enjoy and will make you excited to get up and get moving. For me I love F45, when my alarm goes off in the morning I look forward to getting up and going to class!

What's your favourite workout?
Anything that makes me sweat! When I've completed an intense workout session and I leave the gym puffing and sweating - I feel like I've got somewhere.

Are there any exercises that you loathe?
Hmmm. Good question. I really don't like deadlifts even if I'm doing very light weights.... 12 months ago I would have said burpees, but lately for some reason I am beginning to enjoy them.

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What are your tips for: toning your butt, a flat stomach, sculpting arms, slimming thighs?
I think it's super hard to target a specific area of your body. I wouldn't look at pin pointing ONE area and trying to change it. Incorporate certain exercises to target certain areas but I wouldn't recommend focusing on one part. Everyday I do a mixture of working on all of the above.

I love squats and lunges for toning my butt; sit ups and planks for my tummy and all over body; push ups and light bicep curls for your arms and all over body; and running and lunges for my legs. Do a mixture of all the above and it really is an all over body workout. Big thing for toning is diet. Make sure you are drinking lots of water and eating a healthy and balanced diet. They go hand in hand.

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How many hours a week do you spend training?
Usually at least 30-60 mins a day. I might have a day or two off during the week depending on my working schedule but if I have time I like to do something everyday even if it's something small. You always feel so much better when you've got off your butt and moved a little, even if it's just a small walk! I try and think of fitting in a daily workout just like how I'd fit in lunch - you know you need lunch and you make time for it, do the same thing for exercise. Make it a part of your lifestyle and routine.

What's the one thing that most model workout routines have in common?
I couldn't really tell you, to be honest, because everyone's body is different, but a few things that are important for me personally in my job are a healthy diet, lots of water, enough sleep and regular exercise. I'd say other models would be doing similar.

Brooke is the ambassador for Forever New Active. Pieces from the collection are available now in stores and at

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