Miranda Kerr: “I never say never to anything”

Miranda Kerr: “I never say never to anything”

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One of Australia's most beautiful modelling exports shares the secrets to her killer body and her enviable inner glow (hint: it has a lot to do with a certain engagement)

It doesn't take a Silicon Valley genius to see why Miranda Kerr is a household name, both at home and beyond Australia's borders. The Gunnedah-born model has long been the picture of health and wellbeing, thanks to numerous high-profile endorsements and a beauty range KORA Organics. But it's her newest gig - launching Bonds' first-ever swimwear range - that anchors Miranda back to where she came from. After working with the Aussie icon nearly 15 years ago and last year for its 100th anniversary, Miranda's appointment as the face of Bonds Swim is both a nod to her Aussie girl roots, and a confirmation of her new life in Malibu with son Flynn and fiancé, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel (yep, the Silicon Valley genius who manged to snare her).

Taking time out from her incredibly zen existence, we chatted with the model to find out all her beach body secrets - including one very interesting way to detox...

Congrats on your engagement! Have you made any wedding plans yet?
We are working on it but we haven't confirmed anything yet. We're both very happy and excited.

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Tell us about shooting the Bonds swimwear campaign. What was that like?
Bonds is such an iconic Australian brand. It's fun and full of energy, it feels really good to work with them again.

You're based in Malibu now - are there similarities between the beach lifestyle there to the one in Australia?
That's probably the main reason I moved to Malibu - so that Flynn could enjoy this lifestyle. The weather is great, there's lots of space, there's the beach, we have a pool and a vegetable patch.

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You're known for your commitment to healthy living. What does an average day on a plate look like for you?
I like to mix it up. Sometimes for Flynn I make gluten-free pancakes from oatmeal, banana and eggs, pan fried with coconut oil. This morning I had avocado on gluten-free toast with a few berries and a green smoothie. For lunch, some grilled chicken with a salad and for dinner steamed vegetables with fish. I also mostly drink goat's milk.

Do you follow any particular diet or dietary guidelines?
I'm so passionate about health and wellness so I see food as my friend. It's something that will energise me and nourish my body. When I think about what I'm going to eat, I think 'What are the nutrients in this?' - it's making a conscious decision. I see food as a way to fuel your body.

Are there any foods you don't touch?
I never say never to anything. I try to do 80 per cent healthy, 20 per cent indulgent.

What does your weekly training regime look like?
I do Pilates 4 times a week, yoga 2-3 times and I'll get on the elliptical machine or bicycle before or after. I'm also really obsessed with the infrared sauna, its rays deeply detoxify your body.

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You've done so many bikini shoots now, you must be an expert. How do your prep your body for a bikini shoot?
I'm pretty consistent with my workout routine but if I know I have a swimsuit shoot coming up I'll increase my squats, lunges and planks to work on my core and arms.

And what about beauty or body treatments - is there anything you've tried that works wonders for getting bikini-ready?
I'm really into the infrared sauna, and I'm very much into dry body brushing every morning and exfoliating to stimulate circulation. It's good for preventing cellulite. I also love rosehip body oil which I combine with body lotion before applying.

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Do you have any daily rituals that you swear by?
Every day is different for me, but I try to meditate daily. In the morning, before Flynn comes and gets me I'll sit in bed, meditate and say a little morning prayer inwardly. I'll say thank you for my health, my son and his health, thank you for my family, the roof over our heads. Being grateful for the simple things really sets the tone for the rest of the day.

How do you stay healthy and energised when you're travelling?
I use the flight to catch up on sleep. Sleep is really important, as it's when your body is best equipped to repair and restore itself. Travelling can leave skin dehydrated if you don't take the right steps to avoid it. My top tips would be drink more water than you would normally, moisturise your skin before, during and after you travel and always carry KORA Organics Mist, lip balm and hand cream and apply them regularly throughout the flight. When I arrive at my destination I like to get out in the fresh air for a walk and put my feet in the grass, if I arrive at night I head to the hotel gym for a quick work out.

Bonds Swim is available from Bonds retailers and at

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