The ultimate 5-minute lazy girl’s workout

The ultimate 5-minute lazy girl’s workout

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No excuses now, says IMG model trainer Ricardo Riskalla, even the time-poor can find a measly fine minutes to complete this workout!

We all have those moments when we have no time to exercise, especially during the holiday season. We have so many things to do and events to attend that once you add in all the late nights, it's no wonder our exercise routines get pushed to the wayside. Unfortunately for you (and your excuses), I come from the school of thought that believes the body has no holidays and everyone should be exercising - even during your time off!

So, keeping your busy schedules and holidays in mind, I've developed a super-fast workout that takes just five minutes. I've given this routine to many of my model clients, so I can assure you that it definitely works! These exercises are extremely simple and can be done in a hotel room, beach or while watching an amazing sunset over Malibu (your choice). It won't take more than 5 minutes - promise.

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While this routine doesn't replace a full workout, I think it's better to exercise for five minutes than to skip a day of exercise! Remember that the most important thing in health and fitness is to be consistent. Perform the following exercises with no break and as fast as you can. It may be intense, but just remember you're only doing for a few minutes and it will soon be over.

1. Push ups
Yes, the old, simple hardcore classic. This is one of those exercises where it doesn't matter how fit you are, it will always be hard to perform. The aim here is to do as many push ups as you can without a break and with legs extended. Try to go as low as you can, then keep doing them until your arms are shaking or you can't do another one.

2. Sit ups

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This is my favourite exercise, by the way. I recommend starting with 100 repetitions. Sometimes in my sessions I do a thousand with a few clients - yes it hurts, but they're simple and effective.

3. Star jumps for three minutes
As most music tracks last around three minutes, I suggest putting on your favourite track, pumping up the volume up and going for it.


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