Laura Dundovic chats diets, fitness and her most hated workouts

Laura Dundovic chats diets, fitness and her most hated workouts

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Former Miss Universe Laura Dundovic is a woman on a mission when it comes to training

If you flick through Laura Dundovic's Instagram, you'll see the former Miss Universe undeniably has an impeccable body - super-toned arms, lean body, six-pack,  etc etc. But the natural athlete certainly works hard for it, and as she explains, actually "enjoys" working out. The Pageant holder has competed in marathons and triathlons, is a Nike She Run ambassador and now the new face of Vaalia yoghurt. We sat down with Laura recently to chat all thinks fitness, here's what she had to say:


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What's your average day on plate?

I love to start the day off right, so I'll have a glass of lemon water, apple cider vinegar, ginger and honey first thing in the morning.  It's a great Kickstarter.  For Breakfast I switch it up between yoghurt and almonds or oats and berries and cinnamon which is great for your liver, or eggs on avocado with a pinch of cayenne pepper and lime on rye bread. For a snack it's likely to be probiotic yoghurt like Vaalia, then lunch something simple and not too heavy like a green salad and chicken. For dinner I'd put together sweet potato, meat and broccoli. All delicious and great for you.f

What kind of exercise classes/training do you do before a big bikini shoot or runway show? And what do you eat?

I do the same sort of training as always, cardio to lean up and weights to tone up. I just make sure that I up the intensity. I eat cleaner than usual and just try to avoid too much salt in the week leading up because it can cause fluid retention. 

Do you have any secret training tips you've picked up that you can share with us?

My fitness secret - enjoying working out! I don't make myself do it or feel bad if I've been too busy to go. I simply keep active, socially too, power walking or running with friends. I'm not too hard on myself, which helps me enjoy it!

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What's your favourite workout and why?

Training with Base Body Babes is really fun. It's mostly about strength training and mobility as opposed to weights, something I did for years. I love running too, and have done marathons. In the summer I try to keep my running up with soft sand running on the beach. I also just like to keep active.

Which exercises do you hate doing the most?

I cannot do push ups! My wrists are so weak because of how I sleep on them and so I hate putting pressure on them! 

You're friends with a lot of other top models - do you guys share fitness tips? 

Of course! I love learning and teaching! A few of my friends studied at The Australian Institute of Fitness with me so we always keep each other updated on what we have learnt. 

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What's the one thing that most model workout routines have in common?

Weights! So many girls are scared of weights will bulk you up and don't realise it's actually what tightens you up!

What did you love about working with Vaalia and their recent collaboration wit We Are Handsome?

I love this collaboration because Vaalia are all about feeling good on the inside and the outside especially with their yoghurts containing a unique trio of probiotics that maintain gut health. They want to inspire woman to express their vitality, and active wear is the ultimate symbol of vitality, which I love and is a mantra for myself too. Obviously We Are Handsome are known for their gorgeous active wear and swim wear designs, so they were the perfect choice to partner with and bring the vitality of Vaalia to life in the Babylon leggings (RRP $129 and available from The fact that the proceeds from the sale of the leggings go to Look Good Feel Better, a community program who help woman feel more confident dealing with the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment, makes the collaboration even more worthwhile. It's a cause close to my heart. 

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Do you think getting into nice exercise gear helps you focus?

Every woman has something beautiful about them and that's what you want to highlight, don't worry about the parts you don't like about your body or your shape. So yes, I do think great looking gear helps you focus, because feeling great in your active wear when you're working out also helps you express your individuality and vitality. Ultimately that's where your confidence comes from and that's what catches people's attention. 

Laura's top tips for:

toning your butt: deep squats

A flat stomach: turning your core on during all exercises not just stomach ones

Sculpting arms: body weight exercises like fri do dips

Slimming thighs: long distance running

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