Is your workout working?

Is your workout working?

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How do you know if your workout is actually working? Mark Robinson explains

So many of us love to train, but in some cases our training regime is not efficient or incorrect for the goals we are trying to achieve. When you begin every training session, ask yourself what you want out of it, what is the reason behind why you train? Then, make sure your style of training actually supports goals. This is vital because it aligns the brain with the muscle connection, which makes for far more efficient results.

We know our training is working when our results are measuring up to our goals. For example if the goal is to lose fat then our measurements should be going down. If it's to firm up and tone your muscles, then a photo of yourself each week will show that progress. If the goal is performance based in a certain sport or activity then you should be seeing fitness improvements like running an extra K. Generally, though, regular training makes you feel better about yourself and that alone is a good gauge that it is working, or is at least worth continuing.

You also need to understand that results can take time and require patience and a positive attitude. Often a result is still taking place but just in unnoticeable areas - the body can be stubborn. The most important thing to remember is that NUTRITION IS THE KEY, so if you are eating incorrectly then unfortunately your training may not produce the results you seek. 

Mark Robinson is a dietitian and a world champion international fitness model.

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