Is your fermented tea habit making you fat?

Is your fermented tea habit making you fat?

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Text: Lucie Clark

Fermented tea is so mainstream now you don’t even have to check if it’s on the menu before placing your order, but is it the reason your skinny jeans are now too skinny to wear?

Fermented tea or kombucha as it's commonly called has been hailed as an all star health drink healer - even replacing kale shots as the drink of choice at the post workout hydration station. However, as we recently reported, even though kombucha is touted as possessing a slew of health benefits like aiding digesting and supporting gut health, there are also health risks from home-made brews that don't pass the hygiene test. And now, evidence is emerging that not only could mainlining fizzy tea cause health risks, it may also be causing you to gain extra, unwanted KGs.

Specifically, with the huge number of different drink manufacturers boarding the kombucha train, the ingredients going into each bottle are not all health all the time. For example, during fermentation, kombucha ends up containing a small quantity of alcohol - an ingredient that needs to be altered so purchasing isn't limited to kombucha drinkers with a valid 18+ ID. But the real problem isn't the booze, it's the added sugar. Some fermented tea brands are adding a ton of sugar to their formulas, which may explain the unexpected number climb on the scales since you took up with kombucha. The other sneaky manufacturer add is pasturising  - which means you won't get sick from a bad bacteria batch, but you also won't get any benefits because the whole health point is the fermentation. The upshot? Before purchasing your next bottle of fizzy fermented tea read the fine print re sugar grams and if it seems high, move on, your skinny jeans will thank you.

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