Is your almond milk latte making you fat?

Is your almond milk latte making you fat?

Say it isn't so

Text: Lucie Clark

Everyone’s been crazy for nut milks since they entered the mainstream a few years ago, but are they the reason our skinny jeans no longer fit?

We recently chartered the slew of different milks on the market  (soy, almond, coconut etc.) and who suits which style depending on your dietary requirements - but now that we've all jumped on the low-to-no dairy bandwagon and switched our skinny chai for an almond milk latte are we seeing scary upsize side effects from all that extra nut intake? We took our question to wellness nutrition guru, Zoe Dent, and thankfully the short answer is no.

"Nut milks are beneficial to those with lactose intolerance issues - which are quite common," says Zoe, "Too much of anything is not a good idea, but generally speaking the fat content of nut milks is on par with full fat milk. One serving a day is fine - but if you're drinking a few large lattes a day regardless of the milk source you're overdoing it."

Part of the reason the fat content is not that high Zoe adds, "is because supermarket nut milk has less than 2 per cent nuts per serve." The remainder of the "milk" is just water, so you're not adding that much extra fat into your diet if you keep the milky nut hot beverages to a sensible level. Looks like our skinny jeans really did shrink in the wash...

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