Is sound healing the secret to finding your bliss?

Is sound healing the secret to finding your bliss?

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Text: Lucie Clark

Those Tibetan monks seem pretty zen-like, chilled and age-defying, and their sound healing practice could be the reason why

Finding your bliss/zen/learning to mediate is always on the agenda in our non-stop 24/7 fast-paced lives, but let's be honest, it's the one task we put off because ironically we're too busy to slow down. But the benefits of switching off and hitting the reset via mindful meditation are too good to ignore, like: reduced stress, better sleep, clarity and calmness of mind, increased creativity and focus, better able to manage relationships, and then there's the sidebar benefits such as less wrinkles because you're less stressed, ergo you look younger. Just think of those monks - ageless, happy and seriously zen.

So what's the secret sauce to finding this clarity of mind? Apparently it has a ton to do with sound healing. This decades-old mediation technique employs Tibetan singing bowls to heal through sound and is just starting to see some seriously mainstream traction among the expert spa set - The Standard Spa, Miami Beach is just one of the cool kid destinations including singing bowls and other forms of sound therapy as part of their spa service line up.

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How it works is the Tibetan singing bowls are 'played' by gently tapping them, producing calming and harmonising sounds as well as a gentle vibration - which when placed near the body apparently induces a feeling of wellbeing and deep relaxation. This type of sound therapy is claimed to have a slew of next level mediation benefits such as elevating energy levels, pain-relief, assisting in lowering high blood pressure and improving circulation. Plus, when employed as an add on during a yoga session or while you're having a massage the sound therapy is said to help participants find it easier to hit the zen zone and at a deeper level.

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