How two girls are redefining ‘body image’

How two girls are redefining ‘body image’


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Kate Wasley and Georgia Gibbs of AnyBODY Co share how they are changing the world one body positive selfie at a time

Social media has become a playground for the bullying we didn't leave behind at school; a toxic environment of body comparisons and unrealistic standards. Which is where Kate Wasley and Georgia Gibbs come in; best friends and models, both stunning in their own right, however Georgia slips a size 6 dress on in the morning, and Kate slips on a 16. The pair foundered a non-for-profit group to help promote positive body image in September last year after an image of the pair went viral with harsh comments comparing the two different body-types. Today AnyBODY Co is a 'safe place' on the internet for women to share their body-positive stories. We chatted to Georgia and Kate on social media, health and fitness and the changing the way women see their bodies for the better.

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Do you feel social media plays a big role in the lack of body confidence among young girls?

G: I definitely do, our whole aim with AnyBODY is to make social media a safer space, somewhere you can go and feel uplifted. Social media becomes toxic because young people compare themselves to photos they see online, that's why our biggest mission is #QuitTheComparisons!

K: Social media can be an amazing means of connection, inspiration and fun but unfortunately there can be a darker side too. People can spend so much of their day looking at 'perfect' images on social media, it's important to remember that what we see on social media is just a snapshot of someone's life and doesn't show what's really going on behind the lens.

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Why do you think women body shame (not just themselves, but others too)?

G: I think insecurity and self-doubt can bring about negative thoughts, which leads us to body shame ourselves and others to feel better.  We need to change this negative thought cycle and have a healthier approach to life. I find that when I'm motivated on-track with my health and fitness goals I feel like I have more energy and that I'm much more confident.  It's about living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

K: I think when people body shame others it's a sign of their own insecurities. We love to encourage body positivity and when you're confident in yourself you won't have negative thoughts about yourself or others.

Since launching AnyBODY Co last year have you seen any big changes in the way people around you view body confidence / acceptance?

G: Definitely, we preach "women empower women," I have seen so much more female empowerment and positivity online and when I meet people. Being body confident means you're less likely to compare yourself to the woman next to you which naturally brings us all together and I think that's an amazing thing.

K: I think a lot of people have seen the awful impact that social media can have, Georgia and I have both experienced it firsthand. The battle isn't won but we can definitely see that the tide starting to change. Our online community has rallied behind the AnyBODY message and we're going to keep doing what we do and preaching #QuitTheComparisons.

Where do you see AnyBODY Co in the next five years?

G and K: Ideally, a global platform, "a safe space" where women can share their stories and their struggles and feel comfortable knowing we are all in this together. AnyBODY is so much more than just Kate and I it's about every person, encouraging everyone to be the best version of themselves.

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What are each of your favourite workouts to do?

G: I love boxing, Pilates and functional training, my Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro motivates me to get up and work out, even when I'm flying it reminds me to hop up and move around when I've been sitting for a while!

K: I love to go for long walks when I'm home in Perth, being outside is really calming and Perth is so beautiful. My current obsession is swimming, and like Georgia I'm hooked on the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro because it measures my laps. I have a little competition with myself to keep smashing my record! 

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