Jetsetter 101: how to stay healthy when travelling

Jetsetter 101: how to stay healthy when travelling

Beat the bugs

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Travel exposes us to more viruses and bacteria than we would usually encounter in our day-to-day life, says Kamalaya co-founder and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Karina Stewart

Preparation before travel is so important: being well rested, exercising regularly and being as healthy as possible for the days preceding any travel is vital. I try to ensure my immune system is balanced and strong before I begin my journey. During my travels I do my best to keep to a regular sleep schedule so my body can adjust to any time changes and this ensures my immune system remains as strong and healthy as possible. Follow these tips to make sure you enjoy your holiday.

If you're taking the plane:

During flights hydration is very important; I usually carry a large bottle of water and add electrolytes with vitamin C to ensure I'm well hydrated. This has the added benefit of boosting my immune system with the extra Vitamin C and I always avoid alcohol as it's very dehydrating. I'll often carry a healthy snack with me as airline food is often not as nutritious as I would like; some good options are fresh fruit, nuts and seeds or healthy crackers and protein bars (but beware those that are full of sugar). On long distance flights, I carry an additional lightweight jacket or sweater with a hood to keep my head and neck from getting chilled and I also take along my own very comfortable eyeshades to get a complete blackout for restful sleep. A large yet lightweight cashmere shawl is my go-to flying companion!


When I'm travelling I increase the amount of Vitamins C, E and D I take as well as selenium and antioxidants such as Rhodiola (which is good for counteracting the extra radiation from flights) and I sip on green tea more regularly. I also take magnesium and melatonin at night to aid in falling asleep and these also help me adjust from jetlag. Moving from one hotel to another can be a disruption to sleep so I sometimes carry a herbal blend to support a deeper sleep and herbs such as valerian, passionflower, chamomile and hops are all excellent sleep and relaxation aids that are very safe to take.

When you land at your destination:

I love to have a therapeutic foot massage; it is my absolute favourite as it's so relaxing and healing. I also try to get in one full body massage if possible or at least a neck, shoulder and head massage. I try and get in daily exercise as soon as I arrive - preferably outdoors as this will help with jetlag - sunshine on the backs of the knees for 10 minutes over the next three to four days will help jetlag recovery amazingly well.

A few extra tips...

I'm often challenged when travelling as I usually have long flights and experience drastic changes in the weather I'm used to. Regular hand washing and paying more attention to hand washing before eating or touching your face is something I would highly recommend.  Sometimes I carry a small liquid gel cleanser in case of emergencies when I may not have access to a wash room. Whenever I'm travelling I notice the expert travellers dressed comfortably and I will always wear loose layers and comfortable clothing (never jeans) this way I can control my body temperature on a cold airplane and if I want to sleep my blood flow isn't restricted and I can move into different sleeping and stretching positions more easily. Lastly, I try to remember to carry Kamalaya's sleep essential oil as it's a very effective blend and reminds me of home.


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