How to actually keep your fitness resolutions this year

How to actually keep your fitness resolutions this year

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Of the 7 million Australians who are likely to make a New Year's resolution this year, around 4.5 million will fail to stick to the plan - don't let one of them be you, says Flow Athletic co-founder Ben Lucas

I'm sure most of us can relate to not seeing a resolution through at one time or another. Maybe we weren't ready to make a change at the time, or perhaps we failed to plan! I've been guilty of not sticking to my resolutions - for me, giving up chocolate was just not an option! Here are my four top tips for seeing your resolutions through and achieving your goals in 2016.

1. Make it achievable
So you haven't been for a run since high school, but you've decided to sign up for your first marathon in 2016. You've engaged a trainer who's created a running program for you, but because you don't actually like running, you start skipping your training days almost immediately. A marathon may still be an achievable goal, but if you're setting a goal around something that you don't even enjoy, the odds of you sticking to your resolution will be slim!

When creating a resolution, choose something that you actually want to do, want to change, or something you may learn to like if you don't enjoy it already. It may be the difference between achieving your goal and having yet another failed resolution.

2. Have a plan
You've set your resolution. It will be a challenge, yet you believe it will be achievable. Now is the time to make a game plan. If your resolution is training related - how often are you going to train; where and what type of training are you going to be doing?

Say you've decided to clean up your diet - what recipes are you going to have on file as a go-to when you're having a long day at work, what ingredients can and can't you eat, are you going to follow a program or do it yourself? Say you want to save money - how much per week are you going to put away? Are you going to open a new bank account to save it in?

Spend some time, visualise it and make a plan.

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3. Don't go in with an all or nothing approach
This is arguably the biggest reason why lifestyle changes are not followed through! So many people go into their resolutions with an all or nothing approach, which means if they have a tiny slip-up, they just give up on the idea altogether. Don't go in with an all or nothing approach. If you've decided to 'quit sugar' cold turkey, understand you may have a slip-up here and there. Dust yourself off and get back on track with your goal. Just because you have one slip-up, doesn't mean you have to give up on the entire plan!


4. Know why you're doing it

For me, giving up chocolate was never going to happen. I don't eat it enough for it to be a problem, and therefore I didn't really see a reason why I should give it up. If my head and heart aren't in the game and I don't really have a reason to do something, the resolution is probably going to be a #fail.


With that in mind, know why you're setting yourself a resolution. Do you want to save to buy a house? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to train for an event? Make sure you're aware of why you're doing it, how you're going to get there and get inspired by the challenge! There's no point doing something if you don't care about it.



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