How to get rid of your cold the natural way

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Text: Samantha Ledlin

Site: Rao G,
Rowland K. Zinc for the common cold—not if,
but when. J Fam Pract. 2011 Nov; 60(11): 669–671. Viewed 29 May

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A Naturopath shares her top cold and flu fighters to help you get rid of a cold the natural way

The best way to fend off of a cold is to nip it in the bud at the first sign of any symptoms and before it has a chance to take hold. The fundamentals of a good whole food diet, plenty of water and rest, and exercising outside in the sunshine and fresh air are all vitally important. However, sometimes we need a little helping hand during those times of increased stress or fatigue when, despite our best efforts, our immune system succumbs to the bugs that are doing the rounds.

These are some favourites to help when you notice the first signs taking hold.

Sarah Kunze is a BioCeuticals practioner educator. 

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