Wait, you can do a 4-hour training session in just 20 minutes?

Wait, you can do a 4-hour training session in just 20 minutes?


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More than just a solution for time poor, could Electro Musclular Stimulation be the next major fitness frontier? Yeong Sassall finds out

If I told you it was possible to do four hours of exercise in just 20 minutes, you'd probably laugh in my face. But that's the premise of Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) a scientifically proven form of exercise that uses low-frequency electrodes to stimulate your muscles - basically giving you the equivalent of a four-hour workout in just 20 minutes. Now, if you're thinking this all sounds like a TVSN sales gimmick, relax. The technology has been used by elite athletes to complement their training regimes for some time - and the reason you haven't heard about it until now is because no one has had the foresight to take it to the mainstream.

Which is where Inpuls Studio founder Christoph Mauss comes in. Launching his studio in Sydney's Bondi Junction this year, Christoph is a passionate (not to mention convincing) advocate for EMS. Here, Christoph explains how EMS and Inpuls Studio works.

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Can you describe Inpuls and how it works?
InPuls Studio uses Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) to give clients a whole body workout in only 20 mins. The technology enhances the signal from the brain to the muscle. Clients are fitted with a body vest, a bottom belt, arms and leg straps. These have incorporated electrodes that emit low frequency electricity (85Hz) during exercise. While the client pre-activates the muscles, the technology enables for a greater contraction of all muscles. Even if you're working with the lower body i.e. squats, the upper body still gets activated.

Furthermore, it activates deep lying stabilising muscles which you may have forgotten about, thanks to long periods of sitting (i.e office work). EMS works to activate those deep lying muscles to stabilise the spine and therefore get rid of lower back pain. Not only is this technology good for pain management, it's perfect for people looking for increased strength, as well as weight loss. Different machine settings target different responses.

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Who does it benefit - can anyone of any age/fitness level try it?
Literally anyone. Even top athletes may want to improve their skill by using the technology to target and stabilise muscles, especially after an injury. Mothers may also benefit because it strengthens the pelvic floor area and it's also great for yogis who want to address muscle imbalances to get deeper into their postures.

Anyone who comes to the studio will be a beginner - whether you're an athlete or a 90 year old. When you first train using this system the stimulation is new for the body, so it has to be slowly introduced. It's a bit like running a marathon - you build on it weekly.

What would be an equivalent workout to a 20 minute EMS session?
Because of the intensity of the muscle contraction, a 20 minute workout can be compared with four hours of conventional gym training in one week. There are many university studies from Germany documenting the results on our website.

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How often should you visit InPuls and how many sessions does it take to notice a difference?
Depending on your goal, a training session every 3-4 days is sufficient to get results. The key is in consistency. You cannot train one week and wait 14 days for the next session. Noticeable results are from person the person different. There are many factors that play a role. But the first thing you notice is how you feel. For many, an increase in strength and endurance is the most noticeable. Generally, I would say around 6 to 8 weeks people report changes in their body but after as little as two weeks said they are free of back pain.

What should someone expect from their first session?
In your first session the trainer will explain how the technology works and you'll get a specially designed top and shorts set which is worn underneath the vest and straps. You'll then go through a short 12 minute session addressing each muscle group. You can expect a tingling sensation at first increasing to small muscle contractions. At any time the personal trainer is the only one operating the machine - so it's very safe and controlled.

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And what's the cost for each session?
We have 3 different packages available:
$60 for one session when purchasing a 10 pack.
$50 for one session on a 3 months contract, allowing you to train once  a week.
$40 for one session on a 3 months contract, allowing you to train twice a week.

My verdict:
After personally putting EMS to the test in a few sessions, I can vouch that you definitely feel the effects the next day, especially if you're going for the metabolic training mode - it's as sweat-inducing/tiring as a good run. While at first I did feel like a bit of an idiot doing squats attached to a machine, I quickly got used to the moves/stretches and the next day felt like muscles in my lower back and glutes had endured a nice workout. While I'm the type to mix up my training regime, InPuls EMS is ideal as a complementary program - especially now that we're heading into winter and want to make sure our workouts are short, simple and efficient.

For more info on InPuls Studio and EMS, head to  Wait, you can do a 4-hour training session in just 20 minutes? (фото 5)

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