How to avoid over indulging this silly season

Christmas cheat sheet

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Tiffiny Hall, trainer and founder of shares her secrets to combatting the silly season without adding those dreaded festive kilos

Christmas time is upon us and suddenly everything smells like cinnamon and peppermint and it's not frowned upon to contemplate using eggnog on your cereal. The festive season is exactly that - a time to get festive, but doesn't mean you have to go overboard. You're allowed to have a little bit of this and that, just not the whole Christmas table. It's all about making smarter choices - fill your plate up with veggies, salads and proteins rather than potatoes and bread. A small portion of dessert is still okay or try my Tiffmas Pudding for a not too naughty treat.

Click through the gallery above for my tips to avoid the festive kilos over the holiday period:

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