Soups are great but they can sometimes be a calorie-laden food trap. If you add salt, cream, butter or potatoes to your soup, remember you are increasing the fat or carb content, too. Soups can be enjoyed as an entree or main dish. As a night time meal, soup is a great option because it's simple to make and easy to digest.

I recommend you blend your ingredients so the nutrients are easily digested. Always use a stick blender to blend hot liquids and never ever blend hot soups in a blender since they can explode your blender and burn you!

I never measure ingredients, just add quantities to my liking. I like my soups thick so I let it cook until it gets very thick.

Nutritious and delicious? What to eat this winter

Ingredients to try:

  • -Onions
  • -Garlic
  • -Ginger
  • -Turmeric
  • -Goji berries
  • -Chillies
  • -Lemongrass
  • -Olive oil
  • -Purple sweet potato
  • -Purple cabbage
  • -Curry powder
  • -Fresh basil
  • -Fresh oregano
  • -Fresh rosemary
  • -Fresh thyme
  • -Tomatoes
  • -Leek
  • -Coconut cream
  • -Black beans
  • -Chickpeas
  • -Lentils
  • -Tofu

Think about having a bowl of this soup at lunch and another one at dinner time. You don't have to use all these ingredients at once, so experiment with different food combinations until you find a recipe that works for you.

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Nutritious and delicious? What to eat this winter