The fertility study all Aussie men really need to read

The fertility study all Aussie men really need to read

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Apparently ‘trends’ in sperm count are a thing and a recent study on this fertility trend has thrown out some seriously alarming news for Western gents hoping to have kids

According to the study published in Human Reproduction Update, the researchers found a shocking "50 - 60 per cent" decline in sperm count over the last 40 years (specifically between 1973 and 2011), which is incredibly concerning if this downward trend continues. Doing the basic maths, in another 30 or 40 years there will be no sperm left and unless science comes up with a way to make a baby without both parts of the equation, that means no more tiny little dancers coming into the world.

The data came from 185 studies conducted between 1973 and 2011, involving nearly 43,000 men, with the results split between men from western countries (Australia, New Zealand, North America and some European countries) and non-western countries. Interestingly the huge fertility decline was only observed in men from Western countries involved in the study, there was no such declining trend from the other non-western countries. Still, it's a super scary situation to think sperm count even in one country, let alone a number, has halved in under four decades.

Speaking to The Guardian, Hebrew University of Jerusalem epidermiologist and lead author of the study, Dr Hagi Levine said, "The results are quite shocking. This is a classic under the radar public health problem that is really neglected." What factors are driving the drop are unclear with further research on this urgently needed if we want to keep the human race going.

And ladies before you start packing your bags for relocation to the 'fertile' lands, be warned, there have been far less studies undertaken on the gents in non-western countries, so the same trend may be happening everywhere, it just hasn't been documented.

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