Exercise goals: how to have your cake and eat it too

Exercise goals: how to have your cake and eat it too

Want it all?

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Do you want to enjoy life and own a killer bod? Jonathan Cawte shows you how

Don't wish your life were easier? Wish you were better? We're the generation that wants it all: the body of a goddess, a business as big as Branson's, to swim in the world's most beautiful beaches like a bikini model, to have the social media power of T.Swift, to be in love like Kim and Kanye... and kids? Yep, lets throw that in the mix in a few years.

I will confess: I'm a dreamer. I envisage my life will be as big as my dreams. More importantly, I will never stand in between someone and what they wish for. But if your dreams are bigger than you - then you better start running.

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To have your cake and eat it too, to enjoy all of life's pleasures as well as high levels of success - it takes energy, drive, determination, stamina, resilience, commitment and passion. These are skills that will lift your life to the next level. And funnily enough, they're also skills you learn when you're exercising.

When you're exercising there's a little person inside your head that talks to you. That little person tells you, 'I'm tired, my lungs are about to pop, I'm hurt... I'm so tired I couldn't possibly go on' and you want to quit. But here's the thing: if you learn how to defeat that little person when you are exercising, you'll also learn how not to quit when life gets hard.

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Next time you train ask yourself:

1. Am I 100 per cent?
Now I know exercise will take my life to the next level, am I training with the intensity to follow my dreams?

2. Can I say no?
Can I make exercise my top priority? Am I willing to say no to sleeping in or competing appointments?

3. Am I done complaining?
Am I going to complain the weight is too heavy or am I going to just lift it? Who am I going to let control my voice - the little person inside my head telling me to quit or the person who has goals and dreams?

The benefit that exercise has on your life goes far beyond the satisfaction of completing a 45 minute training session. Exercise teaches you how to get through any difficult situation in your life. And that'as the secret to having your cake and eating it too.

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