Australian model Hannah Saul shares her summer body tips

Australian model Hannah Saul shares her summer body tips

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We are well and truly in the middle of spring, so many ladies of Australia will no doubt be upping the ante on their weekly workouts in a bid to achieve their summer body. Hannah Saul shows you how

Remember that health and fitness can and should be an enjoyable experience! Feeling anxious over losing those last winter kilos is no fun for anyone, so learn to enjoy the ride and work towards making a lifestyle change rather than a miserable and gruelling six-week experience. Your healthy lifestyle should be obtainable and something you enjoy.

Here are my top tips for achieving a summer body that will last all year long:

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No matter how hard you train, if you have a terrible diet, it's likely to catch up with you. Remember that everyone is different and their bodies respond to different things so don't bother with the fads, particularly if they will be difficult to maintain. If you're really struggling to lose those last few kilos, or if you find that you're often fatigued, I'd speak to a nutritionist or dietitian to help you get on track.

What works for me is healthy swaps. For example, I love chocolate, but I try to stick to dark chocolate, or I choose brands that use only a few ingredients. I find the more ingredients that are in a product, the more likely the product will be bad for you! Finding a healthier alternative to your treat foods is a good way to keep your diet on track. This works for me because I'm one of those girls who will binge on the foods I like if I ban myself from them. If I tell myself I can't have chocolate, but then break and have one square, I'm likely to just keep going because I figure that I messed up anyway!

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Change it up

If you get bored easily, change up your workout. Train in the gym a few days a week, train at the beach or park, go for a surf or do yoga. Change up the scenery and make your workouts fun! If you need inspiration, my workout app HAN x FIT has workouts suitable for any location. There is a section for body weight, gym, core and kettle bell workouts so you can do them anywhere, plus there are options for beginner, intermediate and advanced. Having a library of go-to workouts is a great way to stay inspired and it also saves you from planning a workout when you arrive to train!

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Do it with a friend

We're all guilty of meeting our friends around food or wine, so why not set up a weekly workout date with a friend? Not only will you be held accountable because you don't want to ruin your friend's workout by not showing up, but it's also a productive use of your time because you can knock off two items off your to-do list in one go!

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Have a go-to health foods list

On a busy day I'm certainly guilty of getting sidetracked and resorting to eating whatever I can find on the go. As a result, I've come up with a list of healthy foods that I try to eat every day. Even if I can't fit them into a meal, I just have a handful when I get a chance to ensure that I'm consuming the right nutrients each day.

My go-to health foods are: blueberries because they're high in antioxidants and good for the brain (according to studies), walnuts which are rich in vitamin E, folate, melatonin, omega 3 and antioxidants, and steamed broccoli because you should eat something green every day!

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Do compound movements

When planning your workout, try to incorporate compound exercises such as pushups, squats and deadlifts - they work more muscles and will do a lot more for you in a shorter period of time. Why train for one hour, when you can train smarter and get the same results in 40 minutes? Isolation exercises certainly have a place, but if you only have a short time to train, try to do exercises that will work more muscles in one movement.

Hannah Saul launches her highly anticipated workout app HAN x FIT in October. Pre-register for the app now

Instagram: @hanxfit

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