‘Gram girl Steph Claire Smith opens up about body image

‘Gram girl Steph Claire Smith opens up about body image

“A very personal topic”

Text: Samantha Ledlin

Image: Steph Claire Smith Instagram

Steph Claire Smith has opened up about her struggle with body image and binge eating ahead of the launch of lifestyle program ‘Keep It Cleaner’

If you happen to be one of the 1.2 million people who follow social influencer and model Steph Claire Smith on Instagram, you would know she's not one to shy away from a bangin' bikini shot. Her rock hard abs and dimpled cheeks have seen the Australian model named as ambassador for international brands such as Clinique and Adidas. If you're part of the minority who don't, the blonde bombshell has this week given another reason to flick that follow button.

Posting a video to YouTube account Keep It Cleaner, Smith opened up about her struggle with body image and binge eating. "It's taken me a while to get the confidence up to talk about this. It's a very personal video; everything I say in this is really coming from my heart," Smith explained.

In the video, Smith addresses the pressure that is put on young models to lose weight. Speaking of a trip to New York early in her career, Smith explained: "They told me I needed to work on my measurements, and of course, being a new model, I was like, 'Yep, yep, sure, totally understand, I agree.'"

The stress that this pressure entailed caused Smith to fall into a trap of overeating. "As soon as I walked through the door, I would eat snacks. I would go into the kitchen and grab some corn chips and just eat, and eat and eat...It really affected my mindset of eating. I was not a mindful eater... I'd put on weight, and then I would just be depressed."

In the video, Smith credits friend  and business partner Laura Henshaw for helping her to get her mind and body into the positive place that it is in now. The two have joined forces to start Keep It Cleaner a health and lifestyle program for women that aims to revolutionize what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

In the video, Smith states; "no one wakes up and thinks they're perfect... even people that you might look up to." Smith concludes the video with a message to her followers: "I know how much an influence I can be on you guys and I only want to influence you in a positive way. If I am going to use social media, I am going to use it in a positive way."

Keep It Cleaner has launched via YouTube and Instagram, with an official program launch coming up on September 4. The online program will provide a unique place for women to celebrate healthy living. You can watch Smith's honest and open video below. 

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