Gluten-intolerant? There's (almost) a pill for that

Gluten-intolerant? There's (almost) a pill for that

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Clinical trials are underway for medication that could ease the symptoms associated with coeliac disease

But don't reach for the pasta just yet - the drugs in development look set to alleviate the symptoms associated with eating gluten, rather than cure the disease entirely. It's good news for people living with coeliac disease given the difficulty of identifying gluten in food, especially when eating out - the grain protein can lurk in soups, sauces and chocolate as well as the more obvious suspects.

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The medication isn't expected to be available until 2018 at the earliest, although several pharmaceutical companies are racing to successfully develop it first. When (or if) it does hit pharmacy shelves, there's a good chance it will only be available for coeliac sufferers, rather than the hordes who identify as gluten-intolerant.

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