If you were anywhere near a TV on August 9, 2016 you would have heard the cheers from Aussie onlookers as the Australian Women's Rugby 7s took out gold against New Zealand in the Rio Olympics. A roar erupted as the team embraced, cried and laughed together at the achievement; it was truly a moment where 'girl power' was personified. With this week dedicated to strong, powerful women, Buro 24/7 chatted to Emilee Cherry from the Australian Women's Rugby 7s team on exactly what goes into training like a strong female athlete.

What does a typical training session look like?

A typical field training session usually goes for 1.5-2hrs long. This consists of a warm-up, team and individual skills, team game play, contact drills and games and conditioning. We usually complete four fields sessions a week. Additionally, we go to the gym four times a week as well, consisting of strength, power and speed focused drills.

Girl power: train like a seriously strong female athlete

What do you eat post-training?

Post training it is important to intake protein as soon as possible to help restore energy and assist in muscle recovery. One of my favourites, and the teams, is spiced beef with hummus and pita bread. If I'm at the Rugby Australia facilities I'm lucky enough that this is prepared and ready to go for me. Otherwise a quick option on the go is teriyaki beef rice paper rolls.

What kind of workouts do you do outside of training?

We train full time as a national squad so the hours outside of training don't allow for too many extras; plus I am usually so tired and sore from training it's hard to fit anything else in. In saying that, I have a dog who I love to take for walks and runs, plus I also have been found to complete some boxing pad sessions in the backyard with my boyfriend. It's a bit of fun.

Girl power: train like a seriously strong female athlete

What is an easy fat burning workout that readers can do at home?

Boxing is a great way to keep fit and stay entertained. Either against a partner or a boxing bag, with session is quick and easy to complete after a long days work. Try: 

1. 3 x 1min straight cross punches (with 30 seconds rest)

2. Pyramid:

-          10 hooks - 1 squats, 20 uppercuts - 2 squats, 30 jabs - 3 squats

-          40 hooks - 4 squats, 50 uppercuts - 5 squats, 60 jabs - 6 squats

-          70 hooks - 7 squats , 80 uppercuts - 8 squats, 90 jabs - 9 squats

-          100 hooks, 10 squats; and work your way back down, 90, 80, 70, down to 10. 

* Squats can be changed to suit the person. 

3. Warm down: 5 min jog

Girl power: train like a seriously strong female athlete