Get racing: a New York style-cycle studio lands in Sydney

Get racing: a New York style-cycle studio lands in Sydney

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Text: Ros Brennan

Low lighting, killer playlists and dancing on bikes? Brace yourselves Sydney, the SoulCycle phenomenon is descending upon the harbour city

If 2017 is known for anything (beyond Beyonce's twins and Donald Trump, of course), it'll be the year of the hybrid workout. 

We've had boxilates, yogalates, bikeasana and even beer yoga. So its no surprise that the hugely popular SoulCycle or 'rhythym-riding' revolution has made its way to Australian shores. 

For those playing at home, rhythym riding is a style born in the US which focuses on BPM rather than rotations per minute. Already popular in major cities around the globe (SoulCycle in LA and NYC, and XYZ in Hong Kong), Cycology Club is the first true rhythm-riding studio in Australia, according to the owner. The class looks more like a choreographed dance, with everyone riding to the beat and performing the moves in unison.

It took founder David Finnimore 12 months to bring his idea to fruition. "When I was living in Hong Kong I was missing out on [friends getting married and having kids], and the only thing keeping me sane was the family I had at the studio I rode with. That became a real source of strength and I thought you know what, I'm going to bring it home."

After travelling to New York, Los Angeles and London, visiting a number of "boutique gyms that specialised in a specific form of exercise", Finnimore made the jump from lawyer to cycle studio owner.

"I've always prioritised fitness, but in a very superficial way. I've always wanted to look good, feel good and train fairly hard but never solve overall wellness. I never realised it had the ability to make me a better person overall." 

Designed more like a nightclub than a gym, Cycology is situated in the brand new Short Lane development in Surry Hills. The 'Club' itself contains state of the art audio visual technology and 35 Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes.

Cycology Club
350 Bourke Street, Surry Hills

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