Fitness files: the 3 pillars of health explained

Fitness files: the 3 pillars of health explained

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Text: Brittany Lane

Personal trainer Ricardo Riskalla explains what it means to be healthy

In my experience health and being healthy are a combination of 3 factors: mental, physical and food. Here, I break down the three main pillar's of health and why each and every one of them is important to your general wellbeing, happiness and fitness.

1) Mental:
 It is important to have purpose in both fitness and in life. Get to know who you are, have a very clear image and boundaries about what is important to you, how you will get there, and how you can protect it. Be aware that people are mostly happy doing the same thing over and over and never challenge the system, but to be motivated you must challenge the status quo. Be bold, think big, and keep that to yourself. You wouldn't believe the lengths people will go against your dreams once you stand up for yourself - this is called jealousy. Be strong and remember that successful people fail big time, but they stand up every time and they try harder.

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2) Physical:
Move, move, move and move your body! Don't be too fancy about it. Walk everywhere. Walking is a great exercise. But even getting back to the first point: find your purpose in life, find what makes you be happy moving and do more of it. It could be gymnastics, surfing, running -  whatever it is, do it!

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3) Diet:
This is about what nurtures yours body. I tend to break this down into spiritual food or energetic food. Check your body and emotions when you are close to people, do they make you feel good or down? It's important to take note. Sometimes what people say doesn't match their attitudes - so in that case, run! Associate yourself with people that make you feel loved, and same applies to work and social environments. The second aspect of food is the physical food. That's what you drink and eat. It must be good for you, unprocessed and to never over eat!  

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