Fit for life: How to sustain a healthy routine

Fit for life: How to sustain a healthy routine

Keep it simple

Text: Noelle Faulkner

Starting a fitness regime? The 4 things you need to think about if you want it to last, by Ricardo Riskella

In my long career in fitness,  I've seen so many trends come and go - from fit balls to leg warmers and beyond, and where are they now? There's more to the core of being fit than just a trend and here, I'm going to break it down into a few factors.

1) Longevity 
Think about this: How long can you sustain your current exercise routine? You want one that is going to last and become a lifestyle. A good example here of a non-sustainable routine is the Biggest Loser TV show.

2) Mental aspect
More and more we are realising that fitness is about balance, about spicing up sessions, changing sessions, adding meditation and breathing exercises to it. Reduction of the stress hormone cortisol is paramount in weight loss. I have seen so many people eating well but pushing too hard and not seeing the results they want. The solution is to add a few relaxation techniques. Yoga is my favourite for this. And talking about longevity, yoga is 10,000 years old, they must be doing something right!

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3) Respect
Being healthy and respectful to your body is a lifetime journey, involving respecting your body, what you consume, how you eat and everything around you. As a trainer, I am against "cheat days" in diets. What is the point of eating correctly and once a week undoing all that hard work by rubbishing yourself? It becomes more like a pleasing egocentric exercise and has nothing to do with being healthy. I advise my clients to eat things without packaging and marketing, and remove sugar, salt and gluten. In terms of social respect, I would avoid contact with toxic people. Anyone that puts you down does not deserve your time. Use your intuition and focus only on people that love you.


4) Simplicity.
The inhabitants of Okinawa, Japan, who have the highest life expectancy in the world, are masters on this one- they famously live a simple life with a sense of purpose, coupled with a positive outlook on life. From venerating your own food to smiling at life, putting things into perspective, these people have proven that we need less to be happy.  So, get on this bandwagon and start your life journey of being healthy.

Images: Ellie Goulding and Karlie Kloss for Nike

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