First class: the best places to work out in the world

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Text: Yeong Sassall

Brooke Harrison shares six amazing worldly workouts to keep you on track while traveling 

We're all guilty of setting good intentions to work out while on holidays. Balance is key, right? So while you're wining and dining it's only natural you too, should be trying to keep fit and healthy (ahem). Well, self-shaming aside (double ahem), you wouldn't be the first to admit that your King sized hotel bed with extra fluffy pillows won your heart (but mostly your head) over the morning run along the beach you swore you'd get up for prior to that second round of margaritas last night.

Now that we can admit (we're all friends here) that our fitspo tends to get a little lackluster when the poolside cocktails are oh-so-good and way too tempting to pass up for a grueling session of burpees (you are on holidays after all), I've got quite the remedy to help you keep your fitness on track while traveling.

No matter the location, staying active shouldn't be a chore, especially when you're supposed to be relaxing! So here are some of the world's most incredible places to exercise, keeping you moving so you can look and feel your best while on holidays. 

First class: the best places to work out in the world (фото 1)

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