Feb Fast is upon us, with many Australians choosing to press pause on summer party season in favour of cleaning up their diet and undoing all of the havoc that I'm sure many of us placed on our bodies over the silly season. Healthy living and/or detoxing doesn't have to be miserable though. We live in a city where there are so many amazing healthy cafes available to us, you just need to know where to go! 

Here are my top Feb Fast friendly places to visit this month:

O Superfood

Feb Fast! The 5 cleanest places to eat out in Sydney

This is my favourite smoothie bar in Sydney and with so many incredible tasting smoothies and salads on the menu, how can you go wrong? O Superfood is the creation of chef Mick Gay who also owned O Organic in Surry Hills for 15 years. He saw how popular superfoods were with Sydneysiders and decided to base his next business on it. O Superfood has over 20 superfood ingredients sourced from around the world that they use within their vegan, dairy and gluten free smoothies. They also have some uber healthy salads and wraps, which are all dressed to order.

Try the 'Enerdriver' smoothie with blueberries, broccoli, banana, spinach, spirulina, goji, yerba mate tea and vegan protein powder

Sadhana Kitchen

Feb Fast! The 5 cleanest places to eat out in Sydney

Sadhana Kitchen is an ethical and healthy restaurant based in Enmore. They believe that what we put in our bodies every day significantly affects both our body and the environment; therefore they only source produce from local growers and their own organic garden. The food is raw, vegan and organic. For the foodies out there, they also have a seven-course degustation on Friday nights.

For lunch try the Sadhana Super Bowl with kale, homemade sauerkraut, cherry tomato, cucumber and pesto noodles, brazil nut chedder and smoked paprika humus.


Feb Fast! The 5 cleanest places to eat out in Sydney

Thr1ve is a one- stop shop for a great healthy eating experience. Their menu consists of high-quality produce and protein that is locally and ethically sourced. All food is also gluten free with no added sugar. Thr1ve is located in the city at the MLC Centre. Their paleo pancakes and Forage Granola are really good.

The Plant Gallery

Feb Fast! The 5 cleanest places to eat out in Sydney

This is one of the best new finds in Bondi. The Plant Gallery is headed up by a French chef Juan Carlos, and Dave. They serve food that looks and tastes amazing, but also happens to be vegan, raw, gluten free and free of refined sugars. All food is measured on the PH scale which shows how acidic or alkali it is. This is because every time there is an imbalance in your blood's PH levels, your lungs, kidneys and liver have to work to fix it. Essentially, the more PH balanced your diet is, the better you will feel and the more energy you will have.


Feb Fast! The 5 cleanest places to eat out in Sydney

Proteini is a great little find that is situated on Crown Street in Darlinghurst. Their food is gluten, sugar, dairy and wheat free while being really tasty and 'gut friendly'. It caters to all types of people from paleos to vegans and coeliacs and best of all, all food is made in house and ingredients are locally sourced. 

Try their Green Breakfast Bowl or Homemade Falafel Salad.

Emma Sutherland is a successful author, clinical naturopath and TV presenter. She is also a spokesperson for Sydney smoothie bar O Superfood.  

Feb Fast! The 5 cleanest places to eat out in Sydney