If you're the type of person prone to heavy bouts of so-bad-its-good cravings, to the point where scrolling Instagram should come with a trigger warning, good news! Scientists are working in your f(l)avour.

Thanks to some very savvy scientists, Smithsonian reports that it's possible that you may be able to fool your brain into eating healthy while appeasing your cravings for all things bad for you, by adding smells to the food. Led by Thierry Thomas-Danguin, who is a researcher at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research's Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior (of course it's the French) the study found that by adding certain smell molecules, they could change the perception of taste, making food appear more sweeter or saltier than it was.

Obviously this is early days, but it could lead the way for scent to take over from more harmful flavour additives, such as sugar, fat or salt, or worse, MSG-like substances, without sacrificing quality or taste. "If the consumers find these products not tasty enough, they will add table salt, sugar or butter and, consequently the target is fully missed," said Thomas-Danguin, adding that he hopes the research will open up a more healthier approach to food manufacturing. "I am convinced that through these strategies we can help people ... learn to like these reduced levels."  Watch this space.

Constantly craving junk? Scientists may have found a healthy solution