Can the right bra lift your workout game?

Can the right bra lift your workout game?

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Nike Master Trainer and Insta-babe Kirsty Godso talks performance, plyometrics and the importance of a padded bra

After what we're sure is all kinds of high tech experimentation and development, (something involving biomechanics and feedback from elite athletes, we're told) Nike have come up with the Nike Pro Bra collection featuring five new fits designed to enhance an athletes performance, no banned substances required.

The powerful new campaign for the line stars a bunch of leading professional athletes. Godso explains how to wear it, where.

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Do you wear a different sports bra depending on the workout you're doing?
Definitely! For most of my training I will wear the Nike Pro Classic bra. If I'm doing a workout that is more plyometric focused, I may wear the Nike Pro Classic Padded Bra so I have some extra support. And generally whenever I do yoga and sometimes for barre or reformer I will wear the Nike Pro Indy Bra.

What role does a sports bra play in your workout look?
I wear a lot of training tanks that are low cut on the back and sides so my sports bra becomes a big part of my workout look. If I'm wearing a full black outfit I often like to add a pop of color to my look with a bright bra. My absolute favorite sports bra right now is the Nike Pro Classic Hypercool Limitless - the fit and material is perfect and the bra is beautiful.

Can you describe your go-to training look?
You can pretty much always find me wearing a Nike Flow Graphic Tank, paired with either my favorite Nike Pro Shorts or Nike Pro training capris depending on what workout I'm doing and the weather. To top off my look I always have a Nike Sportswear Jacket or hoodie to take me to and from my workout. For extra detail I always wear a couple of the Nike hair ties as bands around my forearm - I like to think of them as my lucky bands!

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